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Jessy Zieta Matondo
Managing director of TCU.

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Schadrac Zieta Matondo,
International Relations Officer

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Joris Labarre
TCU’s Office Manager

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Meet our Sponsor

Louis Perez

Professional Soccer| Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of The chance USA is their expertise and professionalism. The personalized service offered according to the different expectations and profiles of their customers is one of the great strengths of The chance USA. Personalized support is provided by a highly qualified team throughout your admissions process. Your chance is now!” Louis Perez.

Testimony of Christian Koffi

Christian Koffi

Soccer player2

“The chance USA have provided me with the absolute highest quality services and personal support. They have been excellent with me from the moment I signed up for their services. They keep in constant contact with me to ensure I am happy and enjoying mt student athlete life. Your chance is now!” Christian Koffi

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